In-Depth Knowledge In-Depth Knowledge

In 2007, Abacus Greater China Fund was founded in the United States, with investment activities concentrated in the renewable energy sector.

Gaining consulting and research expertise in the field, Abacus Renewables was established in 2009 by Abacus Greater China Fund, with exclusive aim in the renewable energy market. Our main objective is to provide investors with stable, long-term returns.


Developing solar power plants in the global markets

Arranging financing for international investment in the renewables sector

Assisting solar manufacturers in investing in solar power plants as a strategy to increase shareholder value.


Having successfully completed a total of 69MW projects for various clients, we know the procedure every step of the way.

In-depth knowledge in permit processes gained through developing project licenses.

Experience in obtaining the operating licenses, taking power plants to the COD stage and obtaining required documents for operating and maintenance.

Know-how in negotiating Power Purchase Agreement and Green Certificates Purchase Agreement in different countries.

Ability to establish strong local connections to keep up with current changes with first-hand information in the local regulatory environment.

Effectively developing potential pipelines in multiple global markets, including China, Japan, Taiwan, Europe, North and South America.